The ideal bra for every occasion

Since the bra is surely one of the most important lingerie items, a lady that chooses to wear the right bra in a certain occasion will look elegant and flawless in any kind of outfit. A woman simply can’t feel or look good if she’s not wearing the proper undergarments – whether she’s wearing them for fashion, comfort, support, or just for the looks.

Most popular types of bra

Of course, there are many different types of bras, as the designs of these pieces of lingerie allow them to work under various types of clothes, keeping the breasts firm and youthful, and choosing the righ bra one can definitely make a stunning difference when it comes to shaping your figure, as it can make you look slimmer and more proportional under your favorite clothes. And that’s why we’re presenting you the line up of bras that can surely help you to look amazing in every situation:

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Sports bra


This one is easy – every time you plan to play some sport or engage in a workout, just choose the sports bra. These bras come in a wide selection of styles (they are usually made of a flexible material that allows easier breathing) and are the best thing have around when it comes to activities like marathons or even yoga.

Strapless bra


This particular bra is perfect for when you’re wearing a dress that is also strapless or one-shouldered – a bra with straps would certainly ruin the whole appearance, wouldn’t it? To avoid sliding down to the stomach, these bras usually have some rubber added at the top and the bottom parts of them. Be sure to try it before buying.

Push up bra


The push-up bra is perfect for those ladies who, above all, want to make an impression – these bad boys can double your cup size, making your cleavage a magnet for eyes of everyone at a certain event.

Convertible bra


This one does everything – it allows you to wear it criss-crossed, strapless, with straps, or with just one strap. Investing in this kind of bra is perfect for those who have a lot of different dresses in their closet.


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