Street style trends fashion autumn in 2019

street style trends

The summer of 2019 is almost here and we should seek out which things are “in” when it comes to street style trends. When it comes to fashion – this year is one of the coolest ones yet! Whether you are just looking out with what to fill out your wardrobe or you’re seeking for the stuff that will make your festival-person image really attractive, here are the things that you should know about this season:

First of all, a new shape of pants is coming, with the more relaxed style than in 2018. But if they’re relaxing that doesn’t mean that they are all baggy like the ones from the ’90s – these ones will help you fake a bigger butt, longer legs and, of course, skinnier waist – and they are still pretty loose around the knees. Who wouldn’t like to wear something like that?


And about the color – this time it’s brown

Yes, brown is the new neutral color, which was for years used just for boots and coats.Now it becomes a regular color of the clothes and more and more women are opting for it. And how to decorate all these things, you might be asking if you’re among the younger readers?

Patches! Patches are yet another thing which is coming back

Their price is low and they are just perfect to put them on the jackets or bags. There are both vintage and designer ones, and all of them are perfect for that personal touch.

What else is “cool” to wear in 2019?

Padlock necklaces are yet another thing which is making a comeback, and, after a couple of years being around, tailored tuxedos are here and they bring the huge emphasis on the Sixties and Seventies. They are white and in the boxy style, adding the glamor.

Also is cool to try a mix of of designer and affordable pieces of your wardrobe, accessorized with fanny packs, large and colorful hand made jewelry, scarves, hats or stylish sunglasses.

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What is your favorite street style in 2019?

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