Roberto Cavalli Black Leather Clutch

Roberto Cavalli Black Leather Clutch

Bags that are designed by this famous Italian fashion designer, Roberto Cavalli, are always something special. They are luxurious and functional, and probably among the best-looking fashion accessories that a woman can have with her attending a certain event, as being elegant is something easily achievable with most of the Roberto Cavalli products.

Roberto Cavalli Black Leather Clutch bag that we’re going to talk about is a leather bag, like most of the Roberto Cavalli bags, but there are, of course, some details and design solutions that make it look distinctive and unique.

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The first thing to notice here is the sleek black color, the result of the polished leather which gives this an elegant look which goes really well, as you might guess, with the black evening dress. This sophisticated color of the bag was chosen very carefully since it had to look good when combined with the chain which has a light gold tone. And black & gold always look so good when combined together.

The only thing that violates (albeit in a good way) the flat black surface of the bag’s frontal part is the Roberto Cavalli logo, incused in the leather.

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This clutch bag also features the well-known magnetic snap closure, which is the standard in today’s industry and you surely won’t have any problem by using it. There is also the already mentioned faceted chain, which has the strap made of woven leather that goes onto your shoulder – as far as we can tell, it feels comfortable, not better or worse than many other leather bags that we reviewed.

Roberto Cavalli Black Leather Clutch

The inside of the Roberto Cavalli Black Leather Clutch w/Chain Strap brings an additional compartment with a zipper, and it also features yet another Roberto Cavalli logo, this time without the signet and with the “Made in Italy” label. The whole package also includes the signature dust bag.

As expected, this luxurious leather bag comes at a pretty high price – a whopping €990. But, bear this in mind – this sum of money will not only add a bag made by the famous designer to your collection, but also a bag which looks really good and serves its purpose well.

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