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Since skinny jeans are of the most important (and popular!) pieces of clothing in today’s fashion, many women are in a search for a perfect pair that will fit them perfectly and make them look stunning. The only problem here is – there is a load of different kinds of jeans for one to buy, and choosing just one pair can be pretty difficult.

And that is where we come to DL1961 online shop, one of the best places on the entire Internet when it comes to buying the jeans. The choice of jeans is great, but there is a certain pair that immediately draws the attention – the Florence Instasculpt denim jeans, as they are a perfect combination of that skinny-fitting that everyone is looking for and of the great look of the material of which the jeans are made.

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The jeans are designed in such a way that they instantly sculpt your legs, waist, and butt while at the same time providing the very important comfort and the retention of the shape – great, isn’t it?

You might be saying – give us the numbers! – Well, the exact specifications of Florence Instasculpt skinny jeans are: the inseam comes in 30″, allowing a perfect slim while the front rise is at comfortable 9”. The leg opening is 10,5″, which is great as it is very important for the skinny jeans to have a small leg opening, as it allows the perfect form-fitting that makes a lady look toned, slim and trim.

Florence Instasculpt skinny denim jeans

The wash of the jeans is vintage-inspired, but there are also some additional washes, like Pacific, Marathon, Typhoon, Chill, Domingo, and others.
DL1961 also allows the customers to choose their size, and the Florence Instasculpt skinny jeans can be bought in sizes 23 to 32. You won’t regret buying these jeans – they bring quality and comfort.

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