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You saw womens who turn heads when they walk down the street not because they have designer clothes or dress sexy, but because they have style. Improve ur personal style by paying attention to the clothes you wear and how they make you look. A woman with style looks good, no matter what she wears.Knowing your body well will help you feel more confident in choosing clothes that flatter your silhouette.

Take time to find what works best for ur body shape and what no longer suits you.Everyone has his favourite body part. When you know your best assets, then you will be able to emphasize them with clothes that fit and flatter.

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Your wardrobe says a lot about you

Your personality is expressed in every aspect of your life. So why not express yourself thru the clothes you wear. Know yourself and dress with confidence and attitude. Each person is unique so your personality should have a major influence on your personal style .Keep in mind that fashion trends come and go but style always remains.

The style-confident women will never become a fashion victim instead she will find ideas and inspiration in fashion trends.

Put your own signature on clothes

Rely on your senses and choose the patterns and texture of fabrics you like to wear. When it comes to the fit of your clothes, wear cuts that flatter your body type. Don’t buy anything if you haven’t try it on. A dress may look good on the hanger, but may not be appropriate for your figure.

Always chose accent pieces — like jewelry, scarves, belts, handbags and shoes— that express your unique style, while keeping the rest of the outfit simple.Finding your style may not always be so easy, it takes maturity and confidence to define it.

Focus on mid-tier women clothing brands

Who wants to wear clothes that look and feel cheap? Raise your hand! Luxury brands are sometimes to expensive and we pay more than they deserve, even if clothes look awesome and quality is guaranteed. Celebrities may be paid to wear luxury brand clothes, but the rest of us are not. Choose mid-tier brands and for sure you will find stunning pieces where price equals value.

For example, if you looking to buy awesome lingerie at affordable prices, here will find the best lingerie shops online.

Wear the best clothes every day

With trends moving so quickly today it’s best to wear the best clothes every day. Choose clothes that can be worn on all occasions and adopted into your everyday wardrobe. Don’t just save it for special events.
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What are your tips on choosing the wardrobe?

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