Black Lapel leather biker jacket

Black Lapel leather biker jacket

When it comes to leather jackets, buying one of them can be a pretty hard task – there is a load of these things, coming in various sizes and featuring all sorts of designs and sporting some of the latest fashion details. The one that we’re going to talk about is most certainly a good choice, especially for this price category.

Coming at $48.99, the Black Lapel Leather Biker jacket has everything that a lady might wish for – we found that the combination of color and the design of this leather jacket looks and feels pretty great, even when just holding it and hands.

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As the name already says, the jacket comes in a sleek black color, which is combined with silver zippers. There are four of these zippers on each of the four pockets (two on the upper part and two at the lower), as well as the ones on the sleeves (looking pretty chic) and, of course, the main one, positioned slightly on the left side as you’re wearing the jacket.

There are also some large silver buttons, while the back of the jacket features some well-placed needlework.leather biker jacket
The jacket is made of polyurethane, which definitely feels good on the skin – but rare are the ladies who will wear it without some shirt underneath. And since we’re talking about other clothes, one of the best things here is that the Black Lapel Leather Biker Jacket looks really good when combined with other pieces of clothing – even with skirts and handbags (you don’t have to be a biker girl to wear this, of course).

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The jacket comes in three sizes – S, M, and L. Black Lapel leather biker jacket
In the conclusion, we found that this particular piece of clothing is pretty great for the price of 50 bucks – you will certainly get a stunning little jacket for a reasonable sum of money.

It looks good and it feels good, with all the little details that draw the attention, yet at the same time looking plain and simple – this is definitely not something you see every day. It’s a perfect accessory for autumn and the early spring.

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