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Finding the perfect handbag which is fashionable as well as convenient may be a bother in most cases. But, when a handbag is designed by a woman for women, the difficulty of finding the perfect match is downsized. Anne Klein was a women’s sportswear designer born in New York. She started a partnership with Gunther Oppenheim which pretty much launched her career as a fashion guru.

Shop Designer beautiful Anne Klein Handbags: Tote Bags, Shoulder Bags, Crossbody Bags, Top Handles & Satchels. Discover a collection of elegant bags, at affordable prices and that looks very good. The Anne Klein bags stand out for their refinement and good taste, managing to successfully enhance any elegant outfit, for the city or any occasion.

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About Anne Klein designer

By the look of her marvelous handbags, you can tell that she was an art student. Anna studied art at the Girls’ Commercial High School situated in Brooklyn after which she went on to study fashion at New York’s Traphagen School of Design. Her experience in the fields of art, fashion, and design has greatly contributed to her overall success. As well as her experience, her persistence and overall passion have led to the creation of one of the finest fashion labels in the 21st century.

Lust Worthy Clutch

Lust Worthy Clutch bag

Its the One Tote

Its the One Tote bag

Kick Start Medium Satchel

Kick Start Medium Satchel

Wear It Well Wristlet

Wear It Well Wristlet

The Anne Klein bags and accessories are modern and especially predominate both intense colors, such as red, yellow, green, purple, brown, etc. and the classic black and white

All of her designer handbags are crafted to fit anyone with good taste. Every stitch is planned to result in a perfect unity of colors and shapes which give an artistic twist to a simple and convenient item such as a handbag. Her fashion line is almost as admirable as Anna herself!

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